Welcome to the Vermont Granite Museum and Stone Arts School website.

Our museum and school is under development. What that means is that we are working hard to complete the construction of the museum while also hosting guests, designing exhibits, and planning teaching workshops.

Thanks to a wonderful group of volunteers we will be open for visitors again this year, the summer of 2014.  Our hours will be Thursday and Friday from 10am-4pm and Saturdays 9am-1pm.  The Farmer’s Market is using our property this year on Saturdays 9-1 also.  I am happy to give tours of the building and our exhibits by appointment. We especially welcome the opportunity to host group visits or rent our facility for special events and conferences.  Please call Patty Meriam, board chair, to arrange a special museum visit, 802-793-5964.  You can also reach our Executive Director, Scott McLaughlin M-Th on the museum phone 802-476-4605.

We are thrilled to have Scott McLaughlin working with us this year as a consulting Executive Director.  Scott will be reviewing our archives, setting up exhibits, and looking for funding for our development.  If you would like to volunteer to help Scott please call him at 802-476-4605.

Barre is called the “Granite Center of the World”, internationally recognized for high-quality stone, manufacturing, and artistry. Barre Gray granite, used for products since the late 1700s, was found to be ideal for monumental work due to its even coloring, fine grain, and lack of impurities. The texture and quality of granite is unmatched for rendering fine carved details which can not be attained with other granites. In the 1800s immigrants flocked to Barre for the opportunity to work in our booming granite manufacturing industry.

Today, Barre continues to quarry, process and wholesale granite. Manufacturer’s have diversified and adapted to changing global markets and demands. In addiiton to the production of granite memorials, our manufacturers also make counter tops, landscape furniture, architectural details, steps curbing and granite for precision testing calibration, while still offering a wealth of stone carvers and artists who create relief and full sculpture as well as etched designs for a variety of artistic and architectural purposes.

The VGM/SAS has set out to create a stimulating and interactive environment for learning about granite, Barre’s impact on national immigration, geology, technology, and artistry. We are housed in the historic Jones Brothers Manufacturing Company in Barre. The Jones Brothers operation was at one the largest manufacturers in North America in the mid-20th century, with over 100,000 sf of manufacturing space. We have preserved 25,000 sf of the original facility. We hold weekend workshops on stone lettering and carving in our Stone Arts School

Vermont Granite Museum

Located within an authentic turn-of-the-century granite manufacturing plant, the museum’s mission is to create stimulating, interactive environments for learning about the geology, technology, history, and art of Vermont’s unique granite heritage art, industry, capabilities and cultural heritage.

Stone Arts School

The Stone Arts School is committed to creating an exciting environment where sculptors from around the world can explore traditional and modern stone carving techniques with working professionals, while promoting granite as a vital material for artistic expression.

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